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Our Christmas Room is now open!

We are open on Thanksgiving starting at 5:00pm!


Lost Treasure



Legend has it that during the Civil War a Confederate payroll shipment carrying silver left Charlotte, North Carolina bound for Richmond, Virginia. Upon their arrival in Richmond they discovered that the silver coins had been replaced with lead bars!  You now have the opportunity to search for the lost silver treasure, but, you only have one hour!

Pawn Shop


Ever thought you were lucky with 'finders keepers'?  Well you thought your luck had changed when you found a laptop in the backseat of a taxi.  You took it to the local pawnshop and were out celebrating when the real owner came calling.  Seems like there are stolen diamonds hidden inside the laptop.  Now you have one hour to get it back..... or else!  

Uncle Roland's Puzzling Christmas


  Uncle Roland hosts the family Christmas gathering each year. At his Christmas celebrations he always creates new games and fun activities for the family as his present to them. This year he set up his house as a puzzle game. You are invited to preview the game before the family arrives but you only have one hour!




What is an Escape Room?

An escape room is a live action adventure where you solve a variety of puzzles to ’escape’.  You are not locked in the room (for safety purposes) but you are provided the illusion of being locked in!  Our rooms are NOT dark or scary!  They are fun!  Think of an escape room as a 60 minute real life game of Clue or  a real life video game adventure!  Escape rooms are fun for the whole family and build team work!


Team Building

Scheduling is available for businesses and groups to attend a team building event.  We offer meeting space and an option to order in a light meal.  Your group can work together in one escape room or race against one or two other teams.  Contact Matt or Colleen for more information and to schedule your group.  


Birthday Parties

Make your next birthday party an adventure!  Children and adults work together to solve the various puzzles to escape!  Each room booked is required to have at least one adult with the children or youth.  Contact us to help you order a birthday cake from a local baker.  

Space for gathering after the escape room game is $40 for up to 1 hour and includes a personalized birthday banner! 

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