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Only  a  few  days  left  to  escape  the  ’Glove‘  before  the  room  changes  to  a  new  theme!  

$20+tax per person  




 Local legend tells of a mysterious baseball glove. It is said that whoever wears this glove on the field is granted unmatched athleticism – to run faster, jump higher, and throw balls like a cannon. Nobody is sure anymore what this mysterious glove looks like, but rumors have recently surfaced that the glove may be in the collection of the travelling baseball museum. Now that the museum has come to your town, you decide to look for clues among the displays and artifacts. If you’re on the ball, maybe you will be the one who can discover the Glove of Destiny.   

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Pawn Shop


Ever thought you were lucky with 'finders keepers'?  Well you thought your luck had changed when you found a laptop in the backseat of a taxi.  You took it to the local pawnshop and were out celebrating when the real owner came calling.  Seems like there are stolen diamonds hidden inside the laptop.  Now you have one hour to get it back..... or else!  

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Stage Call


Everyone on the set is waiting, but the star of the show is nowhere to be found.  When she's not in her dressing room, the PLOT thickens!  Where has she gone?  Why did she leave?  The studios is going to need your help to solve this mystery so that the show may go on!


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What is an Escape Room?


An escape room is a live action adventure where you solve a variety of puzzles to ’escape’.  You are not locked in the room (for safety purposes) but you are provided the illusion of being locked in!  Our rooms are NOT dark or scary!  They are fun!  Think of an escape room as a 60 minute real life game of Clue or  a real life video game adventure!  Escape rooms are fun for the whole family and build team work!

Team Building


Scheduling is available for businesses and groups to attend a team building event.  We offer meeting space and an option to order in a light meal.  Your group can work together in one escape room or race against one or two other teams.  Contact Matt or Colleen for more information and to schedule your group.  

Birthday Parties


Make your next birthday party an adventure!  Children and adults work together to solve the various puzzles to escape!  Each room booked is required to have at least one adult with the children or youth.  Contact us to help you order a birthday cake from a local baker.  

Space for gathering after the escape room game is $40 for up to 1 hour and includes a personalized birthday banner! 

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